On The Atlantic

Glorious seafood aromas waft through the medieval streets, whetting the appetite of visitors in this, Western Europe’s oldest inhabited city, Cadiz.

Seafood from Cadiz, stuffed sea bass, vegetables and rice

Best Eats

Meson Cumbres Mayores
Calle Zorilla 4
, 11004

La Esquina de Sopranis
Calle Sopranis 5

La Tabernita
Calle Virgen de la Palma , 32

La Candela
Calle Feduchy 3

La Taperia de Columela
Calle Columela, 4

Restaurante Cafe Royalty
Plaza de la Candelaria S/N

Meson Cumbres Mayores
Calle Zorilla 4

Vinos y Tapas Sur
Calle Fernandez Ballesteros, 5

Squeezing in. If there's a spare metre outside a restaurant door where a couple of tables will fit it's taken.

The new cathedral was built in the 18th century.

Official Guide, Cadiz

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Cárdiz, Where Western Europe Ends

Western Europe’s oldest inhabited city

Thought to have been first settled around 1100 BC, Cádiz could be the oldest city in Europe

Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians as a trading base called Gadir around 1100 BC. The city is the most Southern in Western Europe and one of the last ports of call for Spanish ships on their way to the Americas. Sir Francis Drake and Lord Nelson fought naval battles off Cádiz and Englishman, Lord Essex, had the most devastating effect on the city. During his raid in 1596, he set fire to most of Cádiz including its cathedral, and stole most of the city’s famous sherry.

Fresh clams, Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz Spain

Long forgotten as a supply port for explorers bound for the New Wrld, Cadiz is now better known for its sunny Atlantic beaches.

Not Moving With the Times

A shop from the past. Old style men's clothing store where staff help customers choose and fit items.


Land of Sherry and Fine Brandy

Across the bay Puerto de Santa Maria houses some famed bodegas of the region.

Osborne bodega, Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain