Fast, inexpensive and a surprise wherever you go

A simple free tapa

Small dishes can be filling: cuttle fish in tomato, beans and ham.

Getting more complex; pasta stuffed with spinach and pine nuts with a salmorejo sauce... for €3.50.

Artificial crab, 'krab' is turned into a tasty tapa in mayonnaise with smoked salmon.

You might only want a beer but you're going to get some olives anyway.

Look before you eat Many cafés have tapas displayed along the bar, just point and it's yours. Here's a selection that will need a quick grilling, or frying when ordered.

Tapa display Plaza Mayor Madrid

A Tapa Can Be Made of Anything

There are no rules, whatever tastes good

A tapa can be just about anything, from a small dish of olives to something you might expect from the best chef in town. There are the old standbys: Tortilla, Ensaladilla Ruso, (potato salad) etc. Then there are regional specialties. It can be a slice of toast with ham, something fried, stewed, roasted, cold or hot, some bars feature over 100 selections. Here are some examples.

Tape bar, Madrid

La Fragua de Vulcano, C/ de Álvarez Gato, 9, off Plaza Santa Ana
is an example of a classic Madrid tapa bar.

Tapas in Madrid

Classic Madrid Tapa Bar

You will find the old style tapa bars of Madrid in the historic centre. These are usually around Plaza Mayor and Plaza Santa Ana. But don't stop here, there are hundreds more in this area. Browse the web and you can take your pick.

 Tapa menu, usually on the wall

Madrid Foodies tapas

Tapa, Racion, Plato…what's all this?

Pick your size, a tapa is a small serving but if you're hungry, or with friends willing to share, there are half and full 'Raciónes sometimes called 'Platos' which are larger . If you're sharing plates are provided for everyone.

Restaurant barrio de Las Letras Stop Madrid, León de Oro

A classic in barrio de Las Letras Stop Madrid, León de Oro has been popular with locals since 1866.

Morning coffee in Malasaña




Ready For Breakfast
Forget the eggs, the Spanish breakfast is quick and simple, a cup or glass of espresso and milk, toast with tomato and olive oil. There are many egg dishes in Spain but never at breakfast.