Forget the supermarket

The Spanish deli has no resemblance to the rather pathetic presentations made by the average supermarket. Typically shoppers find a huge selection of aged cheeses, hams, cured meats and patés only available in upscale gourmet stores in most cities.

Shopping at a public market deli, freshly sliced by the gram.

Pulpo, Spain

At the market café, something to nibble while shopping… fresh octopus in olive oil.

Madrid's Food Markets

More Than Just Pork Chops

Madrid's food markets offer a huge selection of fresh foods and can be found in almost every neighborhood. This is a city where you can forget the supermarket, where the word 'Fresh' means just that.

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

Fresh daily, your choice

If you're tired of the usual supermarket offering you might have to move here where the variety is endless. Always available: dressed rabbit, milk fed lamb and veal, seafood fresh from the fishermen along with a huge selection of fresh vegetables.

A classic market, Mercado de San Miguel outside Plaza Mayor, is an airy, early 20th-century market rendered in iron and glass which was recently renovated to stunning effect.

Tradition groicery store Salamanca Madrid

From the past Old fashioned specialty grocery in the Salamanca district.

Have they forgotten anything? Madrid delis offer everything from fine patés to cured meats and hams.

Octopus at Cervezas la fabrica





Food as a sales tool
A freshly cooked octopus is placed on display at Cervezas La Fábrica, tempting customers as they arrive for lunch.







Fresh bread bakery, Malasaña

Artisanal bread is baked several times daily in this Conde Duque bakery

Public market Madrid

Public markets can be found in most neighborhoods in Madrid. SEE: Eating out