Inter city Trains, Spain

Renting a car or using public transport

Spain's public transport system is one of the best in the world, take advantage of it.

If you plan to stay outside cities, perhaps a golfing tour or travel to scenic areas and national parks, public transport is your best choice. While a car gives you more freedom on the open highway if you prefer to stay in city centres where the action is you'll soon find navigating narrow congested streets frustrating. Parking can be hard to find and expensive. High speed trains link most major cities and urban trains link local areas. Buses are also a good option for shorter trps where there's no train services.

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Fast, comfortable, frequent and inexpensive. Renfe, the national rail network, has a website offering online booking and Early Bird specials. They also offer senior passes, 62 and over, with up to 40% discounts. CLICK for more. For information on buying rail tickets Online, CLICK.

Inter city busses, SpainBusses

Buses leave from city terminals for all parts of Spain and beyond to most cities in Europe. Regional buses are your best choice for travel to small towns not serviced by trains. Usually you'll find they leave every hour or so during peak times


car rentalCar Rentals

Renting a car can be great…
until you arrive at your destination through congested narrow streets.
There are many inner city areas where cars are totally banned.


Transport, Madrid airport
Madrid Airport Transport

You can take a taxi from the Madrid airport for a fixed price of €30, or the Metro for €3.50, About 20 minutes to Gran Via. An airport bus leaves every 15 minutes with 3 stops ending at Atocha railway station, about 40 minutes. €5. Look for the yellow line.


Metro subway, Madrid
Metro Madrid

Get almost anywhere in the city quickly on the Madrid Metro for less than €3. You will seldom wait more than 5 minutes for a train.

Apartment rentals, Madrid
Apartment Rentals

Renting apartments used to be hit & miss, often what you thought was perfect turned out a disaster.

Recently online rental agencies have changed much of that, offering properties that are usually better managed.

The real risk comes if something goes wrong. Some agencies will support the property owner no matter what.

Check out Tips On Renting HERE

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