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Spanish Journeys…

Ten years in Spain… A photojournalist's account of visits to Madrid & Southern Spain

We have been annual visitors to Madrid and Andalucia,the Southern region of Spain for over ten years, taking photographs and just knocking around the old neighborhoods and some of the new…rubbing cañas (beers) with the locals and eating in places never mentioned in the guidebooks.

Most tourists wouldn't think of going to the same old destination every year but if you really get to know a place you start feeling less like a tourist, more like a local. Many books have been written, and movies made about travelers who went local; in Spain it was Hemingway, Orson Wells and others… becoming part of the local landscape, living the dream.

This website, a type of online coffee table book, takes viewers to places we visit regularly, to funky little hotels and cafés, grand monuments and surprise fiestas. If travel's your thing start here and avoid being a tourist.

Don't take this all in at once, grab a glass of wine and browse when you feel like a quiet relaxing moment.

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Travel tips, SpainTravel Tips

• Pick up some Spanish, it helps if you're going to leave the tourist tracks.

• Try anything on the menu, tapas are usually cheap so nothing lost if you don't like it.

A Better Trip

• Always ask for a quiet room away from the street or above the 2nd floor.

• Keep your cash and passport in a bag across your shoulder like the locals do, so it's difficult to snatched.



RENTING an apartment?

• Rentals are a new way to travel but be careful, if things go wrong it can be expensive.

•Getting a rental agency that will help if there are complications requires some research, some will leave you out to dry.

Check out Tips On Renting HERE

Basil Williams